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If you are an innovative company or you possess the know-how, which is confirmed by a patent, or if you have a product with exceptional qualities and want to present it in Tatarstan, then you can become our partner.

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Official visit

Our company will help you get a business visa so that you can visit Tatarstan to study its investment potential. During this visit, you will see our company and participate in the expert evaluation of your technology or product. Our company will also help you to make a hotel reservation, will organize the transfer for your entire period of stay in Tatarstan and will provide an interpreter.

Become a partner
Concluding an agreement

After the evaluation of your technology or product, we will offer you to conclude a dealership agreement. The terms of this agreement will have our company take on the expenses related to your registration and certification of your technology or product in Tatarstan. In some cases it’s possible to consider the advertising campaign requirements on the level of co-funding.

Become a partner
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To purchase agricultural products, food products or raw materials, contact RACIN:

Reception: +7 (843) 221-77-00
Fax: +7 (843) 221-77-02

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