Enterprise Structure

Enterprise Structure

  • Department of Accounting and Bookkeeping
    The main functions and tasks of the Department of Accounting and Bookkeeping of AO RACIN are:
    • Keeping the organization’s accountancy and bookkeeping by using advanced information technology, including timely input into the accounts of all the complete and accurate information about the enterprise’s activities, its financial situation, its revenues and expenses.
    • Performing financial operations related to buying and selling agricultural products, including mineral fertilizers, chemical crop protection products, fuel and lubricant materials, grain crops, premises and equipment, commodity stocks and supplies and monetary resources; their timely inclusion into the accounts; keeping track of the company’s operational and financial activities, as well as accounting financial operations, payments and loans, making-out balance sheets, tax reporting, statistical accounting, their submission to the appropriate authorities.
    • Timely payroll accounting, calculation and remittance of taxes and fees into the Federal, the regional and the local public budgets, insurance premiums into the extra-budgetary state social funds.
    • Interaction with banks about extension of loans for purchasing agricultural machinery, allocation of available funds on deposit accounts, as well as controlling accounting operations with deposit and loan agreements.
    • Controlling, in cooperation with the Department of Investments and Economic Analysis, of the state of mutual payments with agricultural commodity producers of Tatarstan.
    • Execution, in cooperation with the Legal Department, of materials on the contractor’s overdue accounts receivable and submission of these materials into court in appropriate cases.
    • Performing, within its competence, of other functions according to the organization’s aims and goals.
  • Department of Monitoring and Marketing of the Agricultural Products Market
    The profile of the Department of Monitoring and Marketing

    The main aim of the Department of Monitoring and Marketing is expanding the market of products and services, generation of profit, as well as:

    • ensuring the enterprise’s financial and operational activities in the sphere of procurement, manufacture and storage of products, sales of the products in the market and under the supplies agreements, transportation and administration services;
    • organizing and conducting procurement and commodity investments to ensure food security of the Republic of Tatarstan;
    • studying and meeting the demand (the market situation) in terms of products and services, assistance to the development of the market of agricultural products, raw materials and food;
    • preparation, processing, production and sales of agricultural products and food;
    • organization and cooperation with foreign partners in terms of production and sales of grain crops and food products;
    • taking steps for timely conclusion of commercial and financial agreements with the suppliers and consumers of commodities;
    • control over sales of products, equipment and material procurement, financial and economical indicators of the enterprise’s performance;
    • participation in fairs, auctions, exhibitions, exchange markets in terms of advertising and sales of products;
    • organizing the operation of storage facilities, creating favorable conditions for proper storage and safety of commodities and products;
    • ensuring the fulfillment of contractual obligations for product supplies (in terms of the products’ quantity, range, quality, time-frames and other terms of supplies).
    • investing proprietary funds as well as raised funds into projects of cooperation with companies and organizations of foreign countries, including the creation of own productions and joint enterprises in the field of agriculture in the Republic of Tatarstan.
    Offered commodities:
    • diesel fuel;
    • seeds of grain crops and industrial crops;
    • corn seeds, including imported ones;
    • milling grains and coarse grains;
    • wheat and rye flour;
    • mineral fertilizers;
    • microbiological fertilizers;
    • chemical and biological crops and seeds protection agents.
  • Department of Economics and Commodity Loans
    Primary Aims and Functions of the Department of Economic and Commodity Loans of AO RACIN
    • Extending loans to producers of agricultural products and processing industrial enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan.
    • Organizing AO RACIN’s economic operations: establishing the pricing policy, conducting economical analysis of various commercial operations.
    • Providing informational and analytical support for amortization of commodity loans from the perspective of each agricultural producer and industrial processing company.
    • Interaction, within its competence, with the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan, the Ministry of Finance of Tatarstan, the Board of Treasury of the Tatarstan Ministry of Finance, the local departments of agriculture food and other authorities located in Tatarstan.
    • Controlling and analyzing the credit resources extended to agricultural producers and industrial processing companies located in Tatarstan.
    • Participating in the development of credit plans and facilities for agricultural producers.
    • Daily analysis of credit indebtedness of agricultural producers in commodity loans.
  • Legal Department
    Responsibilities of the Legal Department of AO RACIN

    The primary aim of the Department is legal support of AO RACIN’s operations. The Department is one of the key units of the company that ensures that it complies with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the international law.

    The responsibilities of the Department include ensuring the competence of the legal operations inside the organization and the eligibility of deals with other enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Tatarstan.

    The Legal Department is a unit that engages in assuring the compliance with the law of all the documentation, regulation of economic relations, concluding agreements, registering claims, preparing legal documents, defending the enterprise’s interests in court.

  • Отдел маркетинга
    1. Organizing the interaction of potential investors with partners in Russia.
    2. Representing the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan during business trips and business missions.
    3. Escorting foreign delegations and providing them with organizational assistance in the Russian Federation.
    4. Raising foreign and domestic investments into the agricultural sector and food processing industry of the Republic of Tatarstan.
    5. Assistance in the development of relevant projects for the agricultural sector and their evaluation.
    6. Management and follow-up support of investment projects.
    7. Preparation of business models, including assistance in applying for state guarantees and raising public budgetary funds.
    8. Search and systematization of information for the implementation of agricultural projects.
    9. Studying best international practices and technology transfer.
    10. Analysis and promotion of innovative solutions in the agricultural sector of Tatarstan.
    11. Cooperation with research and development organizations to find optimum solutions of process tasks.
    12. Studying market outlets and promotion of agricultural products of the Republic of Tatarstan.
    13. Authorized distributor of Halal products manufactured in the Republic of Tatarstan.
    14. Providing assistance in contacting foreign and domestic trade distribution networks in order to sell the products.
    15. Participation in international foreign economic events, forums, exhibitions.
    16. Organizing business meetings with representatives of government bodies and the business elite.
  • Общий отдел
    Main Tasks and Functions of the IT Department of AO RACIN
    • Analyzing and studying maintenance problems; participating in the preparation of functional specifications for creating automated control systems; preparation of design plans of automated control systems and their adoption.
    • Maintenance and control of current state and safety of the network and network equipment, assigning the users access privileges.
    • Organization, installation and maintenance of servers and workstations, network equipment and peripheral devices (printers, photocopiers, scanners). Taking regular standard measures for operational, anti-virus and technical maintenance of these devices.
    • Planning scheduled modernization of the computer equipment and the network equipment, as well as updating expendable materials. Procurement, accounting and standby storage of this equipment according to the plans.
    • Installation, service maintenance and upgrading of computer networks and Internet connection nodes, as well as an external communication line according to the agreement with the Internet provider.
    • Installation, updating and operational support of software produced by outsourced manufacturers.
    • Maintenance of internal telephone lines.