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Brief description
Cattle breedHolstein Friesian
Stalls typefree stalls
Feeding typeuniform
Population (heads)1920 (2400 feed population)
Production volume50 tons/day
Project initiatorAO RACIN
Level of co-funding30/70
Business plan availabilityyes
Project statusGREENFIELD
Key parameters
Land area2500 ha
Floor area30,000 m²
Manure storage area100,000 m³
Human resources69 people
Energy consumption550 kW
Gas consumption60,000 m
Construction stages3
Total construction time2.75 years
Project economy
Planning time-frame10 years
Project cost$30,000,000
IRR36.6 %
Payback period4,5 years
Invest into the agricultural complex of the Republic of Tatarstan
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